Angling Times First Addition

Working in a fishing tackle shop, sometimes you find things that have not seen the light of day in decades. After rummaging through a dusty corner of one of our stock rooms, we found a couple of frames stacked up against the corner. Wonder what this could be?

After wiping away decades of dust we found a framed first edition of Angling Times dating back to July 1953 and in the other frame, page 10 of the same edition.

Seeing a first edition of one of the UK’s oldest running fishing newspapers was a real treat but I wondered why the ghosts of Robbos past wanted to frame page 10… seemed a bit odd.

After scouring the page I finally clocked why. On page 10 of the first edition of Angling Times was a Robertsons advertisement.

Its nice to know that 65 years on, Robbos still “Has Everything an Angler Needs.”

Enjoy this piece of history of which Robertsons was apart of.