Robbos Open Day

Probably the biggest event in the Robbos calendar is the annual open day. Once a year, normally in early December we invite some fishing celebrities, lay on food and drink and put on special offers throughout the store.

We are very lucky at Robertsons, we are a large shop and have a very strong core of regular customers. The open day is our way of saying thank you to those who support us all year and to welcome new anglers to visit us and see what we are about.

Each year we have 5-6 top celebrities from the world of carp, predator, and match fishing. This is supported by the brands and because these events are so successful we can attract the major names. There are no formal talks or lectures, just a fun day when the top guys, and girls are available to talk tackle and tactics throughout the day. There is nothing like talking directly with a real pro to get an edge or discuss a problem or tackle requirement.

On the day we have great offers on almost everything in the shop and usually something “special” either, a new collection launch, a special demonstration, or a new book signing. Food and drink is available all day, the shop is packed, and both our customers and staff love it.

Watch this space for the list of celebrities and the date for our 2018 show.