Food for thought…

A big part of my time on the bank now is spent cooking and eating. Each time trying to top whatever was created previously and getting more and more adventurous with meals. Long gone are the days of pot noodles or stewed steak and tinned potatoes! A lot of this new outlook on food was down to a very simple product that has now become a must have in my gear… the Ridgemonkey sandwich toaster!

It first started when me and couple of mates were fishing Jimmys lake in Fobbing for Catfish. We did every Wednesday night through the summer and autumn. We had a few rules, Jim prepared the sandwiches, I cooked them, and Dan taught us how to catch.

What started as plain cheese toasties soon turned to 3 cheese with Wiltshire ham, or chicken and roasted Mediterranean vegetables… It was a sensation and before long more talk and prep was done about the food than the fishing.

And as the Ridgemonkey cookware range grew so did the possibilities. Before long I was cooking pan fried Sea Bream with crushed boiled potatoes and asparagus, Salmon en Croute, eggs Benedict, Spanish omelette, vegetable Jambalaya the list is huge. And now with the new Connect Combi Pan set, it now adds fresh pasta, rice and chips to the list. Later in the year I will be cooking all week for our group in France and I cannot wait! 

Here is your chance to get the Ridgemonkey connect pan and griddle set at a bargain price of only £29.99 :