Robbos is all about customer service, and one great service we offer that very few can match is our fishing rod repair service. We are very fortunate to have Bob the Rod on site most days. Bob has been building and repairing rods for over 40 years.

Sadly, the miserable old sod will no longer build bespoke rods or undertake full strip down and re-builds, but he can and will repair almost anything, and he is a bloody genius.

Fishing Rod Repairs

We can repair almost any rod or pole even broken and crushed sections and once done they look great and are stronger than ever. If spigots are too tight, too loose or jammed together Bobby will sort them out.

Most repairs are broken, bent up rings, or rings where the ceramic has popped out or cracked. We hold a massive number of spares, both modern and vintage and can usually match most types. If your ceramic liner has popped out (which happens a lot) send it back with the rod and if it is not cracked Bobby will put it back in about 3 minutes. Don`t ask me how as none of the rest of us can do this no matter how many times he shows us.

We also rebuild or repair handles; new duplon, handles longer or shorter etc. Reel fittings changed or replaced.

Fishing Pole Repairs

We repair a lot of poles. Depending on where they have broken we can normally repair with internal or external sleeves which once done are stronger than the originals. If it is a very expensive pole or the break is close to a joint making sleeving impossible we also work with The Advanced Pole Repair guys who do a remarkable job of invisibly repairing broken poles. This takes a little longer as the poles must be sent off site for invisible repairs.

The cost is usually a lot less than you may think and most jobs can be done within 3-7 days. Simply send us via email a photograph of the problem and a brief explanation of what you want, and we will send you a quote. If you are close enough to pop in that is best as shipping six-foot sections is costly and this is one area we do not offer free shipping on.

Fishing Reel Repairs

We can service reels, but if parts are needed, there are simply too many options for us to attempt to hold stocks. For reel repairs it is usually best to send them back to the manufacturer, most of whom have excellent repair services. If you send us a broken reel we will most likely send it straight to the manufacturer anyway, so it is faster and cheaper for you to do this directly. We can help you with advice and addresses etc just email, phone or ask via our chat button on the website.


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