There is a so much tackle on the market, with every manufacturer and sponsored angler claiming theirs is the best.

We have no axe to grind, all our tackle consultants are passionate, experienced anglers and will give you honest advice and a great service. We not only use it but sell it every day. We know what our customers say, what works and what does not. What is great value and not just a hyped up rip off.

If you wish to speak with one of our consultants, we are available during normal working hours by telephone, email, or chat. If you are considering a large purchase it is better to book an appointment with one of our guys in advance.

Give us a brief description of what you are looking for, and we will then make sure a specialist for that product is available and ready to help you make the perfect choice.

We are a proper tackle store and you are welcome to come in, but we can also carryout virtual shop tours or tackle presentations online.